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 Living on Purpose! 

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Transform Your Life in 2013!    

Why Coaching?  

"One of the most important reasons to hire a coach is because we don’t usually see our own situations very clearly. We have blind spots.  We are too close to it to see what is really going on.  This is why we all benefit greatly from having a trusted adviser; aka a Coach!  This is where Coach Julian really excels.  She sees beneath the surface of situations.  She reads the signs better than most.  Her intuition is penetrating and usually right on the money. Plus… she REALLY cares about everyone she coaches.  It’s not just a business; with Coach Julian, it’s personal."

-Coach Dave Buck; Author of The Coaching Mastery Game; CEO CoachVille.com

Take 90 days and take control of your life! 

        90-Day Coaching Program 
            January 14th - April 13th
       Only $425.00! 

Would You Like To...
  • Gain Focus
  • Get Unstuck
  • Create a Vision for Your Future
  • Live the Life You Came Here To Live
  • Design and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams Too
Then Coaching is a GREAT FIT! 

Head to the "TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE" tab for more info and to sign up today!!

what's important to you, how you want to work and most importantly, how you want to LIVE!

Focus on taking action to achieve the results you want in your your life and work and live a life of balance and fulfillment! 
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Embrace you and your life and uncover what success really means to YOU and begin living YOUR life!  

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Ready to discover better strategies, overcome obstacles, make effective decisions, and Live on Purpose?
work with individuals, groups, entrepreneurs, and organizations to gain clarity and focus in life and business by creating captivating visions, setting goals and achieving success in all aspects of work and life.

Here are just some of the areas we can work on and tools that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to go:

  • Discover your Life Purpose! 
  • Open your Heart More! 
  • Effective Strategies
  • Personal & Professional Development 
  • Overcoming Limitations    
  • Guidance with and Through Transitions
  • Smarter Goals          
  • New Perspectives
  • Pursue Dreams
  • Mindful Living
  • Meaningful Conversations   
  • Accountability that is Effective and yet Gentle and Safe

        “Juliann helped me focus and get moving.”


If you need help with guidance on a specific issue, are facing a dilemma, want a new perspective or desire big change,
I can help you with just the BOOST you are seeking.  

Key benefits I offer:  

  • 11+ years coaching experience
  • 15+ years entrepreneurial experience 
  • Extensive personal and professional development
  • Trained Life and Business Coach
  • BA in Psychology and MA in Business Psychology
  • Affordable and customized plans perfect for your current situation and budget
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  Contact me today and start 
   Living on Purpose! 


      "To move the world, you must first move yourself"
                                - Socrates

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